eMAG Talent Internship 2018



You can to apply until May 25th!

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Talent Internship, 2018 edition.


What you should know

How do you become a superhero

We have set up missions in our Technology, Platforms, Commercial Coordination, Marketing or Content teams in Bucharest, Iasi and Craiova. Choose the role that suits you and put your superpowers "at work"!

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Superhero profile

We are we looking for young brave superheroes, who use their curiosity to bring the best solutions for their missions.

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What do we offer

The mission begins on July 2nd and will consist of two months full of challenges and experiences at the end of which you will learn to use your superpowers better and acquire new skills.

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Come meet us

In April and May we come closer to the students through meetings where we will talk about our projects.

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How do you become a superhero

After choosing the role you want to apply to, in order to finalize the application process, you will have to answer some questions about your studies, and also questions that will test your superhero skills. If you will be selected for the next stage, you will receive personality and field-specific tests by mail, that you will have to solve.

An individual or group interview will follow, and if everything goes well up to this point, you will receive the offer. Whatever the final answer, we will keep you informed on your application status throughout the recruitment process.

Choose the team that suits you

Commercial Wizards

Commercial Wizards

Commercial Coordination

They are data guards, the ones who keep under control the relevant information for the prosperity of the eMAG universe.


Brand Ninja


They have the ability to see any danger approaching from miles away and constantly watch over the Fashion Days brand.

Prosperity Guardians

Prosperity Guardians


They are the ones who ensure that the eMAG universe achieves its goal by planning, auditing, accounting and controlling all business activities.

What do we offer


We want to help you understand the eMAG universe as quickly as possible, so you will always have a mentor alongside to guide you in your projects and help you make the most of your powers.

Learning by doing

No matter what you do, your work will be seen immediately. This will help you learn even more, in a very short time, by receiving constant feedback.

Training program

During the two months, you will be involved in a training program where you will have access to the coolest learning resources and you will improve your skills.


From the beginning of the mission, you will enter the coolest community, with superheroes just like you, with whom you will build the most awesome and fun Internship experience.


Superhero profile

College/Master senior student (last year of studies)

If you successfully complete the missions you participate in, you will be able to join the eMAG universe as a full-time superhero (full-time employee).

Team Player

We need the dedication of all superheroes. Once you join us, we want you to show that you like to collaborate and support your colleagues.

Eager to learn

eMAG is a company that’s growing continuously, and challenges appear at every step. The superhero we are looking for must be independent, adaptable and must want to learn constantly at a quick pace in order to cope with any situation.


The passion for things that are out of the ordinary is the common engine of the superheroes in the eMAG universe, whether they are at the beginning or they already have some experience. Passion should motivate you too!

Come meet us

In April and May, you will have the chance to participate in meetings where we share our experience, tell you about the technologies and tools we work with and about our projects.

Are you interested in learning more?
Join one of the events in your university!

April 27th - 14:00 - 16:00

Politehnica University