Mihaela Niculae – Jr. Project Manager
(Intern 2016)

It's been almost two years since you were one of the "interns". Last year, you were telling us that you see the job here as a challenge. How was the last year, did things stay the same?

If there is a word that does not characterize eMAG that is monotony. In nearly two years of being a member of the eMAG team, the level of challenges and expectations has grown and continues to grow as we develop, enrich our knowledge and become better. I had the opportunity to work on various projects, of which I always had to learn something new: new streams, different perspectives, new solutions, but which ultimately translates into the same thing: the final user experience.

What have you learned since last year? How did you grow?

New flows and processes; each project comes with new challenges. I have learned what it means to be a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Scrum Master, and understand how important it is to communicate within a project and a team. Communication and organization are two key words to complete a project.

How do you see eMAG now? You're still here, so that's what it says.

eMAG has not misled my expectations since the internship. I'm still here, I like what I do, I get support and new challenges. I'm glad my first interaction with the "labor market" has gone so well, and I'm still here.

Tell us a little about your team, it is the team behind the web platform, so quite a large and complex one. What can you tell us about it?

I have always appreciated the team I belong to, and I feel lucky to be their colleague. There are people open to ideas and new solutions, experienced in the field and who are passionate about everything they do. So if I were to summarize, what do I like most about eMAG are the people I work with, which bring something special to eMAG no matter their roles (Business Analysts, Project Managers, Product Owners, Devs, and others).

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eMAG truly is the place where you can learn, you can develop, you can say your ideas freely and you're encouraged to do so.
Ruxandra Alionte, Intern 2017
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