Ruxandra Alionte – Copywriter
(Intern 2017)

Last year, you were one of the 25 interns who joined the team during the summer. How did you find the recruitment process?

I liked the fact that the recruitment process was very structured and I knew throughout the process what to expect next. I think it was a rather complex process not in terms of difficulty, but in terms of the actual stages, which, of course, is completely justified. It seemed right to me that I had a creativity test that was in line with the specificity of the role I applied for.

How was it for you in those 2 months of eMAG Talent Internship?

The two months were a kind of prolonged, very welcoming induction, in which I was able to understand the particularities of the role and integrate into the team I belong to. Of course, I enjoyed the atmosphere in the team and I appreciated the openness of my colleagues to help me be acquainted with and understand better what is happening around me, both in terms of processes and interactions. Everything was very natural and I guessed from the beginning that there is a strong focus on professional development, innovation, creativity.

Surely in those two months, you learned many things. Which of them helped you after, when you joined the team as a “full-time" employee?

As I said earlier, it helped me having a slower pace - unlike the classic rhythm you are introduced to when you are directly engage - to get comfortable and familiar with the role and the team. I think that the internship can be viewed from this perspective as an integration process that helped me to feel right and ready for the job at the time of hiring.

It's been nearly a year since you joined eMAG. How was the past period for you?

For me, things have evolved positively and I feel that I had many professional development opportunities that I have benefited from and which I enjoyed very much.

We know one of the busiest periods for the company is the Black Friday campaign. How did you experience it behind the curtain?

It was an experience that helped me understand somehow unitary what's going on all over the year. I found it very good to discover how the campaign was thought from a marketing perspective and, of course, the day itself was memorable.

Now that you know what's going on inside, like people, processes, organizational culture, what would you say to a person who would like to join us?

I would say it is a great opportunity and that probably this would be one of the best professional experiences you could have at the beginning of your career! In addition, I would say that eMAG is really the place where you can learn, you can grow, you can tell your ideas freely, and you are even encouraged to do it, the place where you meet many extremely cool people, where you have a lot to learn. Moreover, of course, it is a very positive and optimal atmosphere for innovation and development, an atmosphere you can hardly leave.

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eMAG exceeded my expectations from my internship. I am still here, I like what I'm doing, I am getting support and new challenges.
Mihaela Niculae, Intern 2016
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