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Future 25

Ready for any job

Future 25 is a unique talent acceleration program created to find the brightest, most promising 25 youngsters, ready to become tomorrow`s leaders.If you`re around 25 years old with 3 to 5 years of work experience, Future 25 will open new growing oportunities. If you already work at eMAG, you can apply for one of the 20 available spots. If you work outside eMAG, you can apply for one of the 5 external roles we’ve opened, which guarantee your admission in the program.

During the program, you will participate in a lot of carefully crafted workshops and courses, creative breakfasts and learning evenings with eMAG`s top managers. Also, you will make friends, have fun and visit one of the world`s technology hubs, San Francisco.

Find out more on future25.ro and apply.

Learning and development philosophy

Anyone, anytime, anywhere

"What did you learn today?" This is a pertinent question that we can address ourselves at the end of each day. Through the dedicated programs that we build for our colleagues, we contribute to a part of the answer. The other part (the largest one) is totally related to the personal wish for development and experience of each member of our team.

We always want to be up to date with the latest technology and to know what we can bring extra to our customers. At the same time, we develop also, as humans, every day, either through training or online learning or by simply working together.

We believe that learning and development should be available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The eMAG Academies

We are part of a dynamic organization always on the move, which has innovation as one of its core values. We want to be up to date with the latest information, trends and necessary skills in all areas of expertise of the organization.

We manage to fulfill our goal also through functional programs specially designed for each department in eMAG. Through these programs tailored to each department, we gradually turn into better experts on our areas of expertise.

All these initiatives are happening under the generic name of academies, and, more specifically, Technical Academy, Retail Academy, Customer Care Academy, Commercial Academy etc.

Management programs

We have a strong team of leaders who work with their teams on our growth plans. Whether it's a manager at the beginning of his journey or an experienced one, we have built dedicated management programs to cover their necessities.

Thus, we provide all the information they need, from the basics in managing people to all that information that a manager needs in his daily activities.