Our projects

The eMAG

To us, being responsible means that we are concerned with people’s needs and that we understand that there is a close connection between business and the community, just as there is between eMAG team and its customers. That is why we have chosen to invest in education; in October 2012 we set up the eMAG Foundation which aims to support talented children and teachers with potential for school performance.

Let’s go to the Olympics!

The first program of the eMAG Foundation was “Let’s go to the Olympics!”, whereby we support the training and participation of Romanian teams of students and undergraduates in international competitions. We are the official partner of national competitions of mathematics, physics and computer science for all the children who wish to study at a higher level than in the classroom.

We care

Through the program, “We care”, we provide support to proactive communities, willing to act in order to ensure their education, whether it is children in disadvantaged areas, undergraduates or young professionals.

140 beats a minute

We believe that sports are an essential part of education and should be practiced as often as possible. This is the message that we are trying to send through the program “140 beats a minute”. The program has an internal component, and our foundation colleagues organize training sessions and grand prix style competitions for eMAG employees. On this occasion, many of our colleagues have changed their lifestyle and have become passionate runners.