Our benefits

As we like to offer our clients what matters for their lives, we, behind the curtain, have benefits that make us happy. We know that we are different, so our benefits vary according to their type, basic or extra.


With the basic benefits, we try to meet everyone’s day-to-day needs. We have access to medical subscriptions, employee discounts, a monthly budget for flexible benefits (we can use it for meal vouchers, smart experiences, tourism or personal and professional development courses), the Bookster library, discounts negotiated for us (car wash, food, sports halls, sports competitions, etc.).


Besides the basic benefits, we want to build an enjoyable experience for our colleagues through contexts that will add a plus of knowledge and fun. Among the things we do are events (Tech Talks, eMAG Hackathon), dedicated newsletters (for those curious to find out the latest news from the e-commerce industry, from our organization, or those interested in technology) or engagement programs (eMAG Playground - a fun exploration context that challenges our creativity).