eMAG Labs

Shape the future!

At eMAG, we aim to be the leading online retailer of Central Eastern Europe, but we are also a technology company. eMAG Labs is the innovative Research & Development division of our company. This is a place equipped with the newest technologies and the coolest digital products, which will influence how we interact with the world for years to come.

Virtual & Augmented Reality, Chat bots, Internet of Things are just some of the areas we wish to explore. We want to obtain know-how and ultimately bring our customers closer to the products they desire.

At this point, the recruiting period for our eMAG Labs initial team has ended, but this doesn’t mean we are done looking for talented people!

Very soon we will expand our team, so we are constantly searching for passionate Senior Developers and Product Managers to join us in transforming ideas into amazing technology products. If you are up for the challenge, hit the button below!

Following the future is nice, but isn’t it better to shape it?

eMAG Tech Talks

The open scene for the Platforms&Technology internal community

Tech Talks is a meeting place for all those who have a common passion for technology. It is our own way of working together, sharing our knowledge and looking together towards the future of technology.

Every month, our colleagues form Platforms&Technology meet and talk about new technologies on the market, new technologies implemented in eMAG, best practices from their own experience at the office, projects and reading recommendations.

Every time, a speaker takes the lead on stage and kicks off the presentations and discussions with his colleagues. We always close the edition with an "a-ha!" moment, when we realize that other colleagues are just as interested about our topic as we are, when we realize that next time we will know better what to do and won’t hit our head against the same wall. :)

eMAG Hackathon

About the limits of innovation in 24 hours

eMAG Hackathon is a project that consists of generating ideas for new applications. It is no longer a secret to anyone that we are passionate about technology. eMAG Hackathon is our way of bringing passion to the extreme, testing creativity and innovation in 24 hours.

Since 2014 we organize every year a new Hackathon edition, when our IT specialists compete in code and ideas. The teams entered in the contest work on a given topic, and when the moment of truth arrives (the presentations), their projects are analyzed based on four criteria: applicability and market potential, innovation, impact and addressability, popularity.

It is actually about adrenaline and innovation, about passion taken to the extreme, about taming the code.

Come and tame the code beast!

eMAG Tech Labs

About the fascinating universe of code

eMAG Tech Labs is our technology blog where you can learn more about the projects that we develop, the technologies we use, as well as other interesting things that happen in our team.

90% of the applications that we use in eMAG are built "in house" or, better said, "in lab" in our tech labs in Bucharest, Craiova, Iasi and Warsaw. We are a team of "code scientists" working to create the perfect formula for the applications we develop.

eMAG Tech Labs is like an invitation to join the lab of our community of programmers. They are the ones who will guide you and tell you what moves the largest ecommerce site in the region.