Who are we?

The beginnings

Our eMAG story began in 2001, in an apartment, with 8 employees and 122 orders (IT products) delivered with 2 Dacia cars.

We knew then that it is essential to anticipate the customers’ needs and pay attention to their every visit on the website. We built the platform with this state of mind.

We developed constantly, we diversified the offer for our clients by adding new categories: phones, electronics, home appliances, we increased our team and we learned a lot.

The first Black Friday edition in Romania
and introducing Marketplace

In 2011 we brought, for the first time in Romania, Black Friday - the biggest annual online shopping event. Ever since the first edition, the results have exceeded our expectations and they continue to do it every year.
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In 2011, in the first hour since opening the campaign, we had 100 000 visitors and 4 600 orders, and by 1 PM we were out of stock for the products on promotion - by the end of the day 80 000 items were sent to our customers.

We evolved constantly, and each edition was marked by records: 120 000 items sold in 2012, 1000 tablets ordered in just 5 minutes in 2013, 100 products sold per second in the first four minutes in 2014. For the first time, in 2015, 51% of the 5 579 million visits on eMAG were made from mobile devices. In 2015 we also recorded the highest order ever placed on the site: 85 590 euros for a Range Rover.

In 2011 we have offered our customers the opportunity to choose from a wider and more diverse range of products through the Marketplace platform. We brought next to us new partners able to understand and make the most of eMAG’s exposure and to contribute to an even faster growth of the confidence in the Romanian online commerce.
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Next level: regional expansion

2012 marked eMAG’s affiliation to the South African Naspers group. This allowed us to develop on a regional level and invest even more in the growth of the ecommerce market.
In 2012 we took the first step by opening the office in Bulgaria.
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We brought all our major shopping events: Crazy Days, Prices Revolution, Stock Busters and, last but not least, Black Friday, and today we are among the most popular local online shops. Bulgaria's success gave us the confidence to enter the Hungarian market in 2013, where we replicated the same business model. Today, eMAG Hungary offers its clients over 21 300 products in more than 700 categories. Since 2015 we are present in Poland also by acquiring Agito, one of the largest local online stores.

In the same year we launched eMAG Foundation, in response to the need to support those capable of performance - intelligent pupils or students and dedicated teachers. Since then, we support the school in Romania through programs that facilitate the access to a complete education for pupils and students.
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We continue to grow

By creating Private Label, eMAG entered the league of major retailers that have products under their own brand. The brands in this division cover a wide range of products and were very well received on the market due to the very good price/quality ratio.
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IT eMAG Research is an entity dedicated to the development of software applications specialized in electronic commerce. Today we have a community of more than 500 passionate programmers who have developed more than 50 applications successfully deployed in all countries where we have offices.

In 2015 we launched in fashion, we acquired Fashion Days and created our own brand of clothing.
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We don’t stop here, we continue to write the eMAG story, to improve our services and offer our customers the best shopping experience.